Those who are passionate about the ancient art of hand-forged wrought iron working will be sure to appreciate its quality and originality.
However, it's not always easy to tell the difference between a REAL HAND-CRAFTED WROUGHT IRON BED, and an industrially-made product.
Here are some tips that can help those with less experience evaluate the quality of the product.

Make sure that the iron utilised is "FULL" or solid.
In fact, certain machining techniques cannot be carried out upon solid iron, which is certainly of higher quality, and iron hollow section cannot be forged.
On a hand-crafted bed, the DECORATIONS (swirls, spirals and joints, etc.) are SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT from one another, while on industrial products they're all identical.
These differences are the hallmarks of artisan craftsmanship, and represent a guarantee that you are purchasing a UNIQUE and high-quality product.
The joints between the bed's various elements should NOT be WELDED. In ancient times, before welding existed, each joint was achieved through NAILING, which required the use of rivets, and through BANDING, and these techniques are still used to produce hand-crafted wrought iron beds today.
Since these processes are time-consuming, and therefore expensive, the process used to produce these beds industrially resorts to the use of welding, which significantly lowers their price, but also the quality of the products themselves.
The perception of a single piece: once assembled, the various elements in wrought iron must appear as a single unit, without any transitions from one piece of iron to the next, not only due to the treatment of the joints, but also due to the pressing and finishing of the various parts.

Artigianfer's MASTER BLACKSMITHS are among the few to have retained the ancient art of wrought iron workmanship, and to be able to guarantee the excellent quality of their products.


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